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The tabletop for a classic: Egon Eiermann would have loved it. We designed the tabletop TMU with the famous architect and furniture designers table base in mind. TMU is simply placed on the base designed by Egon Eiermann or any other matching base. The table top gets its support from a bearer which is a design used in architecture, giving excel- lent stability. The brace on the underside prevents the table top from sagging in the middle. Mr. Eier- mann would have loved that too. Not only beautiful but also well thought out.

Designer: Oliver Conrad Studio
Year: 1998

Material / Finish
MDF Melaminfilm anthrazit / weiƟ

Width 1200 mm x Depth 800 mm
Width 1400 mm x Depth 800 mm
Width 1600 mm x Depth 900 mm
Width 1800 mm x Depth 900 mm
Width 2000 mm x Depth 1000 mm

Complete catalogue (pdf 9 MB)

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